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The Ghost it Was
Richard Hull
Murder on the Precipice
Penny Goetjen
The Case of the Deadly Doppelganger
Lucy Banks
The Serpent Sword - Matthew Harffy

This is the story of Beobrand, a young man from Cantware  ( Kent) who goes North so he can join his brother  ( who has been murdered). Set against the historical background of 7th century Albion, a time when the death of Edwin, High King of Britain, plunges the country in darkness.Albion is more than divided. Several kingdoms are battling for supremacy over their neighbours, bands of warriors are on the loose and the power relations between pagan beliefs and budding Christianity are changing. But this is in the first place an adventure story but also a story about revenge, betrayal, psychopathic warriors  ( yeah, even then....),loyalty, camaraderie and friendship. A fabulous story.